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The Chronicles of a Prostitute

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Have you ever seen the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn?  A classic book (novella) and movie; I clearly remember back as a kid when I worked in video stores seeing the video box…

I imagined Audrey Hepburn – the aristocratic socialite, as royalty; someone to hold in high regard.  I recall the movie box: Audrey carrying an oversized cigarette holder, the elegant black dress, the elbow dinner gloves, the done-up hair, the tiara, the pearl and jeweled necklace; cute, petite, demure, respectful waif.  And then, many years later, I saw the movie.

Little did I know, Audrey Hepburn… was a whore!  Or should I say, character Holiday “Holly” Golightly was.  The care-free, wild-spirited, high-society Manhattan debutante was out to snatch herself a man, a rich man, a wealthy “Sugar Daddy” of a man.  Watching the movie, this was all I saw:  She slept around… she played with people’s emotions… she commanded gifts and money… she didn’t change her clothes… she smelled of smoke… she probably had bad breath… no doubt, the beginnings of a yeast infection… her feet smelled… she was a whore!

Talk about your 60’s Paris Hilton!  As an affecting youngster, I was duped with the box cover thinking she was pure, innocent, a school teacher, she volunteered at her local church, passed out blankets down at the mission.  Beaver Cleaver’s mom June, she wasn’t.

I think of the T.V. shows from that era: Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The Dick Van Dyke Show w/Laura (Mary Tyler Moore), Marilyn from The Munsters… the women of that time were conservative and matronly, innocent, dignified, and pure; house in order, kids bathed, dinner prepared, drink in hand, ready and waiting for their man.  Somehow, the depiction of an independent, spontaneous, advanced, free-thinking woman in the early 60’s, completely boggled my mind; the farthest thing I could have imagined.

Mind you, seeing the cover picture in my late teens/early twenties, when I first envisioned and sanctified little ol’ Audie (we go way back), I was as naïve as a school boy.  I’ve heard it said things you first learn and discover in life seem extraordinary and earth shattering to you, but to assume that past generations never knew of these (sex-divorce-homosexuality) is idealistic and asinine at best.

So, my immaculate vision shattered, I finally accepted the fact that she was a whore… and, guess what?

I like it.

[By the way, after recently finding out the movie came from a book, I found out the novella’s main character Holly was, in fact, a prostitute.]


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November 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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Is it too forward to offer a compliment to a total stranger?

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If a man compliments a woman’s appearance or a feature of theirs (within reason of course – boobs and ass excluded), will he come across as a *perv* or will the recipient accept the honest praise with how it was intended?

I only ask because I’m not that guy.  I’m never one to search and acknowledge people out in public.  Or entice someone into conversation even about subjects I know of.  I’m just not wired that way.

Alyssa Milano

Within the last month, while doing laundry, I’ve come across the same cute girl with attractive short hair, twice.  She has a dirty blond (with hints of red) little boy’s haircut.  And it looks GREAT on her!  She has light skin and clean symmetrical facial features; she’s not unattractive, but my eyes were drawn to the shortness and style of her hair.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

If you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, short hair on women.  I’m well aware that I’m in the minority on this admiration.  I believe the percentage of men that prefer women with long hair is close to 90%.  Whether it be conventional, customary views or maybe just the fascination that their *better halves* should look different than them…I don’t know.  For me, there has always been something about short hair that allows me to actually see the person in a clearer, uncluttered light; the ears, the lines of the neck down to the shoulders and upper arms…all features I consider very attractive on a woman.

My Sunday morning laundry buddy is probably in her twenties and has dressed in comfy jeans and tee-shirt on both occasions.  She came in alone the first time I saw her and with a guy the second time – her boyfriend, husband, captor?  I don’t know…by the way, if you (laundry-girl) read this, he’s no good for you.  Just saying.

Bryce Dallas Howard

If I encounter someone of visual interest at the laundromat or anywhere for that matter, I sometimes find myself wondering what they do for a living, what type of friends they have, where they live (yes, I know, I’m weird).  I even go one step further and actually try to picture how happy and or content they might be.  Since the preset pretty-people are eye-catching, has that surface benefit given them more of a likelihood of being cheerful or fulfilled?

So this last time while folding clothes, I caught myself stealing glances at her hair a number of times.  Being a professional people watcher, I try to be as stealth as possible but I know if caught, you run the risk of entering into stalker territory.  It’s not as if I have chloroform, a large burlap sack, and some strong rope in my trunk or anything like that.  At least not in plain sight anyway.

So my dilemma being, do I go up to this perfect stranger and mention how cool her hair looks?  The worst that can happen is she blankly says, “Thanks.” and continues sorting through her clothes…or…she comes back minutes later with a pack of Rottweilers to tear me apart limb from limb.


I’m hoping if I bring up the positive critique, she’ll chalk one up in her *YES* mental chart and appreciate the accolade.  Because, no matter what, women truly do love compliments, right?

Laura & a bit of baby Jordan

Throughout are pictures of a few of my favorite celebs with short hair plus one of my beautiful wife.  (Laura’s being the shortest cut she’s ever had and not coincidentally, my favorite hairstyle she’s ever had!).  Come on Hunny Bunny, cut it short like that again, will you?

Written by REscarcega

October 31, 2010 at 8:06 pm

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