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I will be working from home today…

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Don’t you hate it when something beyond your control stops you from getting somewhere you have no desire to be in the first place?  Last month I got to work early as usual.  On this particular day, I was unable to get inside due to my security badge not working… or, should I say, the stupid antiquated security server deciding to be on the blink, again!

I sighed heavily – something I do a lot when it comes to work – since this was not the first time our door security system went down.  I immediately turned right around and went straight home.  I still had to put in some hours and am lucky that I’m able to work from home.  Once connected, I sent the following email to my team (including my manager):

From: Me, Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 6:06 AM, To: IDX Operations

Subject: I will be working from home today…

The decision to work from home was made ever so kindly for me by our outstanding key-card door security.  I so enjoyed wandering aimlessly this fine brisk rainy morning, from door to door, to see which will be the lucky entrance that will grant me the honor of passing through.  Alas, the suspense and Christmas morning-like giddiness that overwhelms and warms my soul at these such times… was not meant to be.  :-/  (Yes, I have poured some brandy into my morning coffee.)

…so, I came back home to work.  I can be reached at 714-SUCK-IT.

Thanks – Me, ACME Medical Systems, Sr. EDI Analyst | 714.123.4567

So, I just thought I’d pass on this one example of my reaction to something everyone has felt; something to which a simple “Fuck You Company!” would not have sufficed.  I *HATE* when stuff like this happens and am now happy that I’m able to use this blog as therapy to release my inner-demons.

Also, I followed the good advice, “…the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” issued by our good friend Jack Webb‘s Dragnet character “Sgt. Friday”.  And, unfortunately my phone number is not 714-SUCK-IT although I’ve petitioned Verizon numerous times to request it.

FYI – All members of my team responded positively to my rant including my Mgr.  I don’t know all these people personally so I guess, ultimately, my desire to put a smile on their face or make them laugh worked.


Written by REscarcega

November 7, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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